Tips For Getting Started With Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Agents

social media marketing for business


The face of marketing in the real estate world has changed along with the trend of every other business in the present and will be the only medium that people turn to in the future of marketing. Social media for business marketing is not new, and it is hotter than ever. It is a growing day by day and needs to be paid attention to.

The consumers are online, and they have the power, and you need to go to the power source. If you ignore the importance of social media marketing, you are only setting yourself up for failure. The established agent who has not had to use media marketing is in greater danger of losing momentum.

Getting started with the world of social media is easy when you know what to do. If you do not have the technological skills to do it hire those who do. Find a way to get into the pool even if you do not know how to swim effectively. Here are a few tips on the road of getting started.


Most people are on a website for their real estate needs, but you should also have a website built that is for the community or areas that relate to your business. But it does not have to be about real estate. If you build a site that will benefit the community and give information that people use for contacting one another, then you can add your business information in it as well soft selling your reason for the site. Giving more than you get always equals a positive influence on your community and people will respond to it.


Having a specialization in your experience base can give you a forum to blog about. The way you can do this is simply starting your blog and then market it effectively. With this media, you can effectively develop a following in your expertise. Support other blogs that pertain to yours such as contracting work and interior design to link other interests to potential clients and you promote potential clients for others.


Getting out a monthly, or better yet weekly, the virtual newsletter is a great idea to share information with others in your community. The newsletter will have tips and information about current issues and even some fun items as well. Add your contact information so people can reach you regarding business matters. Add the information to your website or a link to your website for more information about social issues or company information. Soft sell your services and hard sell your interest in the community.

Join Forums

Talking in forums can be a fun way to talk to others and also give your advice to people who need it. It can be about many things that pertain to real estate but not directly to it. As an agent, you know all the details that are involved in a personal decision to buy a house. Link your forum chats to your website so people can find you.

The social media for business marketing that you effectively use will build your business and increase your potential. Using Medias such as Facebook and Twitter are also very effective. Use a Facebook that is exclusively for business purposes if you have a separate personal one.

If you would like to more about marketing on social platforms, then have a quick look at the video below