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If you aren’t using social networking sites in your SEO efforts, then you’re missing a great opportunity to manage traffic to your site and increase your profits. Social networking is different from other marketing strategies, however, and requires that you think differently than you would if you were simply looking for another way to advertise your product or service. The first step in using social networking for SEO purposes is to find out which sites are most appropriate for you to frequent, given your interests and your business. Then hang out and just watch the conversations for awhile. Become familiar with the culture of the sites, including what kind of content people publish, what’s popular, and how people interact with each other. Once you’ve watched for some time, start contributing to the conversation. Here are five ways to create good content for online purposes that can really jump start your digital marketing:

1. Write good stories 

People on social networking sites tend to enjoy hearing personal stories that are relevant to the conversation; otherwise, they wouldn’t be on social networking sites. Tie your stories into your business so that your readers are drawn in without being turned off by the perception that you’re just there to sell them something. Any one of these stories can eventually spreading and being shared on Social networks which can be a huge boost to the amount of traffic that will flow into your site.

2. Interview 

An interview with an industry expert can grab the attention of the folks you’re networking with. Not only does it build your credibility, but it causes others to see you as someone who can contribute quality information and knowledge. Even if you don’t know someone that you consider “important” in your industry, you can still find someone you know who has good information to share. And this will be greatly appreciated.

3. Information

Never underestimate the value of your expertise, as long as you share that expertise in an appropriate way. Social networking site users aren’t very fond of participants who are only in it to toot their horns, but if you can offer valuable advice and help humbly, then you will be considered valuable to your community. Not only it is appropriate to give advice, but you can also write helpful blog posts and free reports. You’ll go a long way toward establishing yourself as an authority in your field, and you’ll generate a great deal of traffic from people who want to know more about what you have to offer.

4. Controversy

If you have pretty thick skin, you can try posting content that will start a debate. The point is not to make people angry or to start a fight; it’s to start a healthy conversation that gets people talking. Anything that goes against a popular opinion, or even expert advice, is good for getting a conversation started. Just make sure that your position is well-argued and plausible. Otherwise, you just look like someone who’s trying to start a fight. That will make you a pariah on social networking sites and defeat the purpose of your overall SEO copy writing.

5. Write Well

This is true for all the previous points: Use attention-getting headlines on everything you write and then make sure your article lives up to the headline. People will stop paying attention to you if you use an eye-catching headline and then write an article that isn’t at all engaging or entertaining. Images are also a great tool, as are references that give the credibility of your article among your community.

Social networking is a great tool to help SEO your online presence. Find a community that fits your interests. Hang out for awhile and get comfortable with the conversation. Then begin adding your content that others will deem relevant and helpful. If you can add value to the conversation, then you will go a long way toward driving traffic to your site and gaining loyal customers.

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